Are You Happy with Your Computer Experience?

What You Don’t Know-You Don’t Know-Until Now

Our daily lives are quite different than when we grew up. New computer technologies seem to be rolling in daily. Our phones are now personal computers. Our vehicles are a personal assistant with help for navigation, entertainment and communication. Soon we will have choices for our businesses and personal space that we will constantly crave. Many of us are already addicted to technology and we want even more.

People that use technology have discovered happiness when they know how to use it. They are enjoying the drive.

People that use technology have discovered frustration and have a tough time liking much of it. They feel pressured to use it.

Say what?

Some of us are anxious to learn and play, and others are anxious because they are afraid.

Still reading? Good, now you have one of the best kept secrets to enjoying your computer, but only if you want to. Ready? Here it is: READ THE SCREEN.

Identity Theft, Trojan Viruses, Malware Threats and Software Updates are constant. Remember, you are the one driving the mouse and keyboard.

Think of ContactPC as your personal Help Desk or Systems Administrator. We provide Emergency Computer Services to businesses and single users from our Lone Tree, Colorado shop and can usually help the same day. We inventory and offer professional computer solutions that are all tested, supported and configured by us just for you.

Like your favorite cup of coffee or bottle of wine, we want to be your favorite computer solutions partner.

Thanks for reading the screen; you are on your way to a happier place.