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Stay tuned to our IT management and computer repair Denver blog. This is where we share ideas, tips, and tricks to help you make the very most of your information technology investment.

From hardware to security and from software to business services, if we think it will be of benefit to you, you’re sure to find us blogging about it here.


We Are Like Your Very Own IT Department

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The High Tech Elephant in Your Office

If you believe that business technology advances are starting to level off, excuse me but you are out of your mind. Call it a hunch (or the fact that I have been in this business for a million years) but I can assure you that the next wave of office innovations is going to be jaw-dropping. And dollars-to-donuts, your current technology is simply not ready to support the cool new stuff.

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El Capitan (and yes we service Macs)

Sometimes people are confused by the name of ContactPC; but suffice to say we service our fair share of Macs.  And we are pretty excited about El Capitan, Apple’s new operating system . The two universal goals in the development of operating system enhancements are ease of use and speed. How we interact with smart phones, tablets and computers is becoming increasingly similar, making the user experience from one device to the next progressively more universal.  And

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From Our Denver Computer Repair Expert: Why Your IT Is Too Important to Fail

As someone who has been in Denver computer repair for more than 15 years, I find this next statistic to be a pretty scary (but true) one. Up to 80 percent of global businesses suffer a major technology failure that costs them billions of dollars every year. And some experts say that the worldwide economy takes up to a $6 trillion hit each year in relation to system failures, breaches

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