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Stay tuned to our IT management and computer repair Denver blog. This is where we share ideas, tips, and tricks to help you make the very most of your information technology investment.

From hardware to security and from software to business services, if we think it will be of benefit to you, you’re sure to find us blogging about it here.

We’re Seeking an IT Support Professional

Cultural fit. It is an interesting concept and one that can mean different things to different people. Here at ContactPC cultural fit means knowing your stuff and knowing it well. It means keeping ahead of industry trends and what is coming down the IT pipeline. It means having an easy smile, an unrelenting tenacity and the innate desire to hit a home run with the first crack of the bat

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Getting That PC in Shape for the New Year

Picture the New Year. Time to get in shape. Eat clean. Take your vitamins. Work out. And think of the way it will feel when your body is functioning ideally and every task in your life seems to flourish because of it; and then consider how your healthy body will positively affect nearly every aspect of your life and enhance your daily productivity. Doesn’t it feel good to be a

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The Most Intriguing Time of Year

I am not sure what astrologists or psychologists have to say about the subject, but autumn’s perfect sensory storm never fails to inspire me. The jubilant rustling of crimson and amber leaves as they trip down the street, carelessly teasing everything they touch along the way. How the morning somehow looks brighter and more promising the day after we roll our clocks back. The anticipation of the coming holidays and all the moving

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We Are Like Your Very Own IT Department

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