Computer IT Services: Shop Talk From the Experts

ContactPC Shop Talk (from the Bench)

This will be a continuing series and we look forward to providing this information to our readers.

At ContactPC, we get computer systems and laptops of all types in for service. We specialize in computer IT services and are armed with the tools and parts needed for majority of repairs. Our customers appreciate the quick attention and return to service we provide them.

What we’d like to share with you today in our shop talk, are some common problems and tips we commonly hear around our shop.

Let’s start off with the most Common Problems:

Slow and Unresponsive Performance

  • There are two things to consider here, hardware and software. Most of the time the hardware is doing the best it can but the software is either corrupted or running in overdrive. Overdrive can begin due to infections or too many processes running at the same time. We always test both hardware and software and advise the customer the best plan for success. Should the cost be too high for the age of the system, we will suggest another option.

Security Warning or “Pop-Up” Concerns

  • It is very easy to install malicious software and not everyone’s system is ready to stop it. Many of our customers have learned to call us or to bring their system in when security problems appear. Just like a human virus, if we can catch it early, it is easier to fix.

The System will not Boot

  • Systems having this issues tend to be older ones. This usually doesn’t take long to diagnose but we will always thoroughly check the hard drive to advise the customer about the condition of their data.

The Customer wants a Performance Boost

  • Not long ago we were just adding more memory. Today, we are installing larger capacity hard drives or replacing the hard drives with Solid State Drives to boost speed and performance.

Here are a few tips to keep your systems running at there best: 

Read the screen

  • Some things are good and some things are bad, so read carefully. There are a lot of fake alerts and other malicious threats out there so being very careful what you click on is key. You are driving, watch the road.

Good Security Software

  • Your system is a tool and you should use it. We may all wind up in unsecured websites and therefore depend on our system security to protect us when we get caught. If you need help here, call us.

Good File Maintenance

  • It is okay to keep a lot of content on your system as long as you have the space and it is well organized. There are easier, safer, and more efficient ways to manage your files today than ever before. Again, we are here to help if needed.

A Clean System is a Happy One

  • You probably can imagine some of the pictures we could provide here. The fur balls we find in the older desktops and laptops are impressive. A clean system means a faster and happier owner.


In summary, your systems are your tools and we want you to be happy with them.

Our Best Compliment is a Happy Customer.



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