El Capitan (and yes we service Macs)

Sometimes people are confused by the name of ContactPC; but suffice to say we service our fair share of Macs.  And we are pretty excited about El Capitan, Apple’s new operating system .

The two universal goals in the development of operating system enhancements are ease of use and speed. How we interact with smart phones, tablets and computers is becoming increasingly similar, making the user experience from one device to the next progressively more universal.  And to that end, Apple’s new OS X El Capitan has improved overall performance with some cool user-experience tweaks and noticeably snappier speeds. Sure, speed is key, but here’s a look at three top El Capitan ease-of-use enhancements.

SPLIT VIEW. OS X El Capitan allows users to simultaneously view two apps side-by-side which exponentially enhances user ease of use. For instance, one can have source material open in Safari while creating a report in Pages without ever needing to hop back and forth between the two.

SPOTLIGHT. The El Capitan version of Spotlight has a profound effect on the ease in which we retrieve search results. Among other things, the new Spotlight understands natural language when searching for internal documents. Say for instance, you are looking for a spreadsheet you created a week ago. You can search “spreadsheet I created last Wednesday” and Spotlight will find it. Pretty cool.

EMAIL IMPROVEMENTS. El Capitan sports an enhanced full-screen email view with easier travel between conversations, streamlined single-click Calendar scheduling and swipe gestures similar to those you use on your phone.

And did I mention speed? El Capitan is really-really fast.

There are numerous other El Capitan features that will resonate with Mac users. So my team and I strongly suggest you go ahead with the upgrade. And we can help. It is pretty awesome.