An Open Letter to My Cup of Spilled Coffee

Dear Coffee: Spilled coffee

I have loved you for so long… but you have broken my heart.

The years I spent gently cradling you in my hands and softly sipping from our special cup clearly means nothing to you. And while your hardy aroma once permeated my nasal passages and my entire soul, it breaks my heart to tell you that this is good bye.

For you, dear coffee, betrayed me this morning when, with only the slightest nudge from my left elbow, you freaked out and soaked my entire computer. I knew you were always jealous of my close relationship with the laptop, but your actions were over the top and unforgivable. And I don’t want to hear your excuses and how you think I am partly to blame.

I am currently at ContactPC; they are the Denver-based  IT experts located near the DTC. I called them this morning after your little tantrum. ContactPC specializes in computer repairs and data recovery and the guys are pretty sure they can help me physically recover from your betrayal. Emotionally, it may take longer. FYI, ContactPC is really good at what they do and I trust them… which is more than I can say for you.

So see you latte, coffee; it’s bean real.

12503 East Euclid Drive Suite 35
Centennial, CO 80111