Our Work Bench Is Like an Emergency Room

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The work bench at ContactPC is very much like an Emergency Room for sick technology. You could even say my IT guys bear a striking resemblance to triage doctors and trauma specialists.  And though I am not trying to overstate the importance of my company’s services, it is no stretch to say that every day we tend to panicked clients, laptops in tow, seeking immediate diagnoses and cures for what ails them.

Usually the sick computers have been experiencing problematic symptoms for a while by the time we get them, having started out with a hiccup here or there, and then slowly but surely progressing to untenable inefficiency or complete system failure.

The most common signs of an ailing computer are slow performance, a litany of virus warnings and continued operating system error messages. Or the worst case scenario, at least in our clients’ eyes, the damn thing just won’t turn on. And while a broken PC or Mac may seem like a simple nuisance to some people, it is a true emergency to others and can dramatically affect one’s business and personal daily operations.

Standing at the workbench, hovering over their computer patients, my tech team usually determine that most troublesome issues could have been preventable. The most common causes of everyday computer injuries are things like severely outdated programs, lack of data backup and mediocre security software.  All avoidable and all usually fixable. Old systems with failing parts are another matter. No amount of physical therapy is likely going to fix them and usually they just need to be replaced. And while reluctance doesn’t even begin to describe how most people feel about the act of replacing their computers, there seems to be nearly a 100% satisfaction rate once they get that new system up and running.

So it is important to take care of your computer’s health the way you know you should. Run those scans, update your systems and look both ways before you cross the street.

Technology is a tool. Keep it sharp.