The High Tech Elephant in Your Office

If you believe that business technology advances are starting to level off, excuse me but you are out of your mind. Call it a hunch (or the fact that I have been in this business for a million years) but I can assure you that the next wave of office innovations is going to be jaw-dropping. And dollars-to-donuts, your current technology is simply not ready to support the cool new stuff.

As a tech guy, I am on top of most of the really awesome innovations coming down the line; but I am sure that even I can’t begin to fathom some of the incredible advances that will debut in the next few years.

But you and your business won’t be able to leverage any of the awesomeness if your systems can’t handle the extra load.

If you are like many businesses out there, your current system is (give or take) five years old. It is likely slower than it should be, increasingly insecure and, as it continues to age, will be harder and more expensive to service. In short, your old system is simply not ready or able to support the good (new technology that rocks), defend against the bad (insidious hacks and breaches) and endure the ugly (extended and costly downtime after system failure).

If you don’t want to play some major catch up in a few years, I strongly suggest you address these common IT issues now. Because, I promise you, by allowing your computer and IT systems to become more and more outdated, you are literally losing your competitive edge, bleeding money and setting your business up for failure.

The future is unfolding now. It’s time to get ready.

Chip Roepke is the Founder & COO of ContactPC. 720.443.4400.