The Most Intriguing Time of Year

I am not sure what astrologists or psychologists have to say about the subject, but autumn’s perfect sensory storm never fails to inspire me. The jubilant rustling of crimson and amber leaves as they trip down the street, carelessly teasing everything they touch along the way. How the morning somehow looks brighter and more promising the day after we roll our clocks back. The anticipation of the coming holidays and all the moving parts that accompany them. And with the year’s end steadily approaching, the reflection on decisions and events of months past (both at home and at work) and how those choices affect our options and operations today.

Yes, now is a kinetic time of year rife with reflection, anticipation and action. Not coincidentally – and actually coincidingly – it is also the ideal time of year to address your changing computer technology needs.

Similar to calculating whether your home is capable of accommodating an onslaught of holiday guests, it is important that one takes the time now to assess his or her computer’s capacity to house upcoming technology improvements, many of which are likely just months away. This analysis is important to individual users, but is exponentially more so for those offices and businesses with multiple employees and aging systems. The cost and waste of inefficient technology is not cyclical like the changing seasons; it just gets worse and worse with every passing month.

While you are breathing in the crisp fall air, take a few minutes to consider leveraging some of the remaining yearly budget to gear yourself with the new technology, enhanced computer systems and program upgrades you and your business need.

Autumn brings with it an eagerness to engage in the beauty of today and the possibilities of tomorrow. Autumn spurs you on with movement and inspires you to prepare yourself and your systems for the future. Indeed, autumn to me is the time of year to honor the glory of nature and embrace the wonder of innovation.

Autumn, in all its splendor, is the time to act.