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Stay tuned to our IT management and computer repair Denver blog. This is where we share ideas, tips, and tricks to help you make the very most of your information technology investment.

From hardware to security and from software to business services, if we think it will be of benefit to you, you’re sure to find us blogging about it here.

The High Tech Elephant in Your Office

If you believe that business technology advances are starting to level off, excuse me but you are out of your mind. Call it a hunch (or the fact that I have been in this business for a million years) but I can assure you that the next wave of office innovations is going to be jaw-dropping. And dollars-to-donuts, your current technology is simply not ready to support the cool new stuff.

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El Capitan (and yes we service Macs)

Sometimes people are confused by the name of ContactPC; but suffice to say we service our fair share of Macs.  And we are pretty excited about El Capitan, Apple’s new operating system . The two universal goals in the development of operating system enhancements are ease of use and speed. How we interact with smart phones, tablets and computers is becoming increasingly similar, making the user experience from one device to the next progressively more universal.  And

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Our Work Bench Is Like an Emergency Room

The work bench at ContactPC is very much like an Emergency Room for sick technology. You could even say my IT guys bear a striking resemblance to triage doctors and trauma specialists.  And though I am not trying to overstate the importance of my company’s services, it is no stretch to say that every day we tend to panicked clients, laptops in tow, seeking immediate diagnoses and cures for what ails them. Usually the

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Contact PC Has Moved And Is Growing!

Growth means change We’re always striving to be better servants to our customers and community, and that often means we need to grow. We’re pleased to announce we’re moving our offices to a beautiful, larger new location at The Greens at Inverness. We’re making this move to serve you better, but we’re staying close; our new offices (opening on July 1st) are less than five minutes from our current site.

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